Bitcoin Bull dice che chi aspetta di „comprare il tuffo“

Bitcoin Bull dice che chi aspetta di „comprare il tuffo“ alimenterà la pompa da $50k a $100k

Un toro Bitcoin e fondatore della Capriole Investments Charles Edwards dice che chi aspetta di comprare il prossimo toro Bitcoin o aspetta la prossima correzione finirà per alimentare la pompa da 50 mila dollari a 100 mila dollari. Questo sta arrivando sulla scia del prezzo Bitcoin che supera i 30.000 dollari. Il prezzo è diventato un livello di prezzo psicologico come i famosi 10.000 dollari, dove ci si aspettava un ritiro.

Una previsione di un ritiro a 30.000 dollari è stata fatta da un importante analista, Timothy Peterson, che ha detto che il panico sarebbe iniziato quando il prezzo sarebbe arrivato. Ha anche affermato che un ritiro potrebbe essere in vista quando il prezzo arriverà, ma non prima. Krypto ha Bitcoin Revolution comunque superato quel livello nel giro di poche ore e ora commercia a quasi 33.000 dollari. Sembrerebbe quindi che chi aspetta un calo attenderà un po‘ di tempo.

Questo è chiaramente inaspettato, dato che la comunità Bitcoin non ha mai visto nulla di simile prima d’ora. Prima della fine del 2020, molti analisti hanno paragonato l’anno 2020 al 2017 a causa del mercato dei tori che ha portato al prezzo più alto di tutti i tempi del 2017 di circa 20.000 dollari. Tuttavia, con il passare del tempo, è diventato chiaro che il mercato dei tori in corso non è lo stesso del 2017 per molte ragioni.

Bitcoin Bull dice che chi aspetta di „comprare il tuffo“ alimenterà la pompa da $50k a $100k

In primo luogo, il mercato dei tori del 2017 è stato guidato dall’hype per le crittocorse. Il mercato dei tori in corso, d’altra parte, si dice sia guidato principalmente dall’adozione da parte degli investitori sia per i privati che per le aziende. Questo potrebbe essere il motivo per cui il prezzo ha rotto diverse resistenze senza sforzo e ha raggiunto nuovi massimi di tutti i tempi a volte quotidianamente per molti giorni di fila.

L’anno 2021 è ricominciato su questa ottima nota con Bitcoin che ha superato i 30.000 – quasi 33.000 dollari in poche ore. Alcuni analisti sono dell’opinione che l’anno sia quello del cripto. Anche grandi banche come Citibank hanno previsto che il prezzo potrebbe superare significativamente i 300.000 dollari entro la fine dell’anno. Con un inizio così interessante, sarà interessante vedere come andranno le cose con il passare dell’anno.

Next investment firm applies – the race for Bitcoin ETF is entering the next round

Similar to 2018, several investment firms are currently applying for a Bitcoin index fund with the SEC.

Valkyrie Digital Assets brings back memories of 2018, because the investment firm has now also applied for a Bitcoin index fund (ETF) with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

This means that the race for a Bitcoin ETF has fully flared up again, as it was two years ago

The Texas-based investment firm applied on Friday to list the Valkyrie Bitcoin Trust on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). However, no ticker symbol is shown in the application.

However, the chances that the application will be granted are slim, because during the last Immediate Bitcoin record run several investment firms tried to get a Bitcoin ETF approved, including established ETF traders such as VanEck, Direxion and the Gemini crypto exchange, run by the Winklevoss twins.

In a previous interview with Cointelegraph, cryptoin CEO Donnie Kim, whose company had entered a Bitcoin ETF in October 2019, confirmed that the SEC is reluctant to wave through applications.

So he said at the time:

“First of all, the stock exchange supervisory authority wants to learn to understand this new asset class, which is why it uses delaying tactics to create waiting time. With this she wants to find out on the one hand which problems arise from existing Bitcoin financial products and on the other hand she hopes for legal requirements from politics. “

Although the American stock exchange regulator is known to react negatively, investment firms keep trying to get a Bitcoin ETF approved, especially in times of crypto hype .

On January 21, asset management company VanEck, which was one of the first investment firms to ever apply for a Bitcoin ETF, submitted another application to the SEC, whereby companies from the crypto industry are to be mapped in the relevant index fund.

Although no Bitcoin ETF has yet been approved in the USA, the Swiss Exchange has already listed several Bitcoin ETPs that are similar to an ETF. In addition to comparable crypto investment products from Grayscale, an Ethereum ETF was recently issued in Canada , which is very popular.

Bitcoin has reached a new record high. Here’s how to guarantee a profit

Bitcoin’s boom has been amazing and not just for BTC holders who got in on the ground floor and benefited the most from the coin’s appreciation, whose value reached nearly $28,600 last week.

It’s also great for those with a smaller amount of Bitcoin who have made a significant profit. However, there is a very real concern that the highly volatile crypto market will act on its nature, and BTC will plummet again, just as fast as it skyrocketed.

Now is the time to take action to capitalize on the currency’s upward trajectory, not only by making a profit on current market conditions, but also by gaining the opportunity to double your Bitcoins in a matter of months, with almost no risk!

The way to do this is with crypto arbitrage, which is widely accepted as one of the lowest risk forms of investment, providing reliable profits.

How can you guarantee a profit?

Crypto arbitrage is the most stable method of digital currency investing because it allows you to bypass all the dangers associated with crypto market volatility and generate revenue from price inefficiencies on digital currency exchanges.

It consists of using automated algorithmic trading software to find instances where a currency is temporarily available at different prices, at the same time, on multiple exchanges. The algorithm will then buy the coin on the exchange where the price is lower and then immediately sell it on the exchange where the price is higher, making a profit before the price adjusts and the window of opportunity closes.

One of the biggest names in the industry is ArbiSmart, and it can be a classic example of how crypto arbitrage can be used to generate consistent, substantial and predictable passive income. ArbiSmart’s automated and regulated platform is connected to 35 exchanges, which it scans 24/7 to find, and then exploit, inefficiencies in crypto pricing. The AI-based algorithm adapts to developing market conditions, responding to opportunities in a split second and executing a huge volume of trades simultaneously.

The ArbiSmart platform guarantees returns ranging from 10.8% to 45% per year, depending on the amount deposited. In the account section of the platform, monthly and yearly profits are clearly shown, so you know in advance exactly how much you can expect to earn over a given period of time, without any surprises, allowing you to manage your finances properly.

Actual profits are likely to be much higher, as the platform not only offers compound interest, but also allows you to benefit from capital gains from the increased value of the native token.

When investors sign up, their deposit is converted into RBIS, ArbiSmart’s token that is used for crypto arbitrage (although funds can be withdrawn at any time in BTC or EUR). The token is already worth over 120% more than when it was introduced in early 2019. It is steadily increasing, and based on its current steady growth rate, RBIS is expected to rise in value by 3,000% by the end of 2021.

What about the risks of crypto investments?

With crypto arbitrage, the simple fact that you don’t try to take advantage of the volatility of the crypto market means that you can somewhat mitigate the risks that come with entering the world of digital currencies. However, it in no way helps the biggest dangers of entering the world of decentralized finance: the fact that it is seriously under-regulated, its innate anonymity and lack of control, factors that allow malicious actors to enter this space.

Crypto markets offer new and emerging assets for which legislation in many countries has yet to catch up. This results in a financial environment with a high level of uncertainty due to a lack of regulation and consumer protection.