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• Shibarium’s cross-chain bridge is now available for public testing, allowing easy swaps between ETH and Shibarium.
• Users are warned to be wary of phishing scams and not use real assets when testing the bridge.
• The bridge will be officially launched in mid-August in conjunction with ETHToronto conference.

Shibarium Beta Bridge Out for Testing

Shiba Inu’s highly anticipated cross-chain bridge between its testnet and Ethereum is now available for public testing. This revolutionary solution allows users to easily swap their assets between the two networks, making it much easier for people to manage their crypto portfolios across multiple platforms.

Verify Links Before Interacting

The lead marketing specialist from SHIB Token has urged Shiba Inu community members to verify if they are on the official Shibarium Tech website before proceeding with any interactions or transactions, as phishing scams have been known to imitate the genuine site.

Testing Process

The testing process is relatively straightforward: users can access the beta version of Shibarium Bridge on and connect their wallets via browser wallets such as MetaMask or WalletConnect. When switching back to Ethereum, the bridging process burns tokens on Shibarium while replenishing balances on Ethereum’s network.

Forthcoming Launch

This publicly available test is a prelude to the mainnet launch of Shibariam which is slated for mid August during the ETHToronto conference. Until then, users are reminded not to use real assets when testing out this revolutionary cross-chain solution so that no losses occur due to potential scams or errors in transactions.


Easing up asset management across different platforms through efficient solutions such as a cross-chain bridge allows users more freedom when managing their crypto portfolios without having to worry about tedious manual transfers or potential phishing attacks while interacting with other websites outside of official ones.. With its upcoming launch during ETHToronto conference, this new tool promises great potentials for making asset management easier than ever before!

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