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• Curve Finance recouped 73% of stolen funds from the recent exploit.
• White hat hackers were instrumental in recovering $22 million, $13 million and $7 million respectively.
• Jpegd frontrunner relinquished $11.5 million, equating to 90% of the originally stolen funds.

Recent Exploit Results in Loss of Digital Assets

Curve Finance recently experienced a reentrancy vulnerability exploit which resulted in over $70 million in digital assets being stolen from the protocol.

White Hat Hackers Facilitate Recovery Efforts

In an effort to recover lost funds, white hat hackers were instrumental in returning a total of $22 million, with Alchemix’s Operation White Hat providing an additional recovery of $13 million and “c0ffeebabe.eth” retrieving a further $7 million. Additionally, Jpegd frontrunner voluntarily returned 90% of the originally stolen funds ($11.5 million). This brings the total recovered to 73%, or roughly $52.3M worth of cryptos on Ethereum.

Remaining Funds Remain Unaccounted For

Unfortunately, there is still roughly $18 million worth of cryptos on Ethereum that have not been returned by the first Curve CRV-ETH exploiter at this time. To incentivize voluntary return, Curve had initially given the hacker until August 6th to return 90% of stolen funds; however, this deadline has now passed with more than half still unaccounted for.

Crypto Users Advised to Exercise Caution

As crypto users increasingly struggle despite Bitcoin’s rebound, it is important that they take measures to protect themselves from hacks and scams such as those experienced by Curve Finance recently. DailyCoin provides invaluable resources on how best to do so here: As Another Token Bridge Gets Hacked, How Can Crypto Users Protect Themselves?


While it is uncertain whether voluntary returns will keep coming in the next few days for Curve Finance’s recent exploit resulting in loss of digital assets worth over $70M, it appears that proactive efforts are already proving successful with 73% recovered thus far – including returns facilitated by white hat hacking activities and voluntary contributions made by Jpegd frontrunner amounting to 90%.

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