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• Lido DAO (LDO) is proposing to either sell or stake its $30 million in ETH ahead of staking withdrawals.
• The funds would be used to secure additional runway in current market conditions.
• The DAO is also considering selling part of the ETH and staking what’s left.

Lido DAO Proposes Selling or Staking Its $30M in ETH

Lido DAO (LDO), the governing body behind the largest Ethereum staking provider, is proposing to either sell or stake the 20,304 ETH (worth around $30 million) it currently holds in its treasury. This proposal was outlined on February 14 by Steakhouse Financial, the Lido DAO branch responsible for managing the treasury.

Reasons For Selling ETH

The main argument for selling some of their ETH is that it will provide additional runway in current market conditions, as well as help lower the treasury’s exposure to ETH which makes up almost 100% of its value. Additionally, if all or part of the ETH is sold off it could be used to purchase a stablecoin such as DAI, adding more security and liquidity for Lido’s finances going forward.

Staking What’s Left

If only part of the ETH is sold off then any remaining funds can be used to stake what’s left. This would involve locking up these funds in a smart contract and receiving rewards on them over time. This option could still provide Lido with much needed financial security while allowing them to benefit from potential price increases in Ethereum over time due to staking rewards they receive from their locked-up funds.

ENS DAO Passes Similar Proposal

Lido isn’t the first decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) looking into selling some of its treasury ether recently – Ethereum Name Service (ENS) DAO voted in favor of a proposal to sell 10,000 ($13 million) worth just a week ago for similar reasons.

Voting Process Has Not Started Yet

The voting process on this new proposal has not started yet but users might find it interesting to see how Lido handles its treasury and adjusts itself according to current conditions within crypto markets.

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