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• Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse has hinted at the immense value of the Hinman documents which have been sealed for 18 months.
• The unsealing of the documents coincides with a federal court hearing on freezing Binance.US assets.
• Advocates of Ripple maintain that the documents will shed invaluable light on the legal status of Ripple’s native XRP token.

Ripple CEO Hints at Valuable Hinman Documents

Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, is certain that the long-awaited unsealing of the Hinman documents will not be in vain and believes they were well worth the wait. These documents delve into internal exchanges within the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding a speech by former Director William Hinman in 2018 where he expressed that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether may initially exhibit traits of securities, but could evolve into commodities once they achieve a significant level of decentralization.

Court to Hear Motion to Freeze Binance Assets

The unveiling of these documents coincides with a federal court hearing on freezing Binance.US assets due to legal action taken against them by the SEC in December 2020 for allegedly unregistered securities offerings via their sale of Ripple’s native XRP token.

Advocates Believe Documents Will Shed Light on Legal Status of XRP Token

Ripple advocates firmly believe that these documents will provide insight into the legal status of XRP token, aiding them in their case against accusations from the SEC.

Hinman Speech Addressed Decentralization Potential

In his address, Hinman discussed how cryptocurrencies may start off as having characteristics similar to securities but can evolve over time into commodities if they become sufficiently decentralized and disassociated from any single entity or party controlling it.

Verdict Expected by September 30th

The verdict is expected by September 30th this year as anticipation builds amongst investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike for an answer to whether XRP is indeed a security or not.

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